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Italy’s Dazzling City


If you close your eyes and imagine Milan, what comes to mind is a picture of a dazzling and vibrant city lighting up a night sky, with modern and ancient building stretching for miles across a skyline of endless rooftops.
Leaving out the two symbols of the city, the Duomo (Milan’s Cathedral) and the Castello Sforzesco (Sforza Castle), Milan keeps its secrets from cursory glances and hurriedly tourists. Its beauty can be found behind the façades, such as in its fabulous courtyards, medieval cloisters, or in a clanking silhouette of an old tram.
Milan is the most innovative city in Italy where design and fashion merge together, standing for the perfect showcase of Made in Italy. Here you can find the most iconic Italian lifestyle brands and the high-end and most original culinary experiences.

Choose among 5 experiences for you

A day with the perfect blend of history, art, and cultural immersion. Discover Milan’s iconic landmarks, including Duomo Cathedral and its terrace, and the timeless masterpiece, The Last Supper by Da Vinci.

6.5 hours
€129 per person

Don’t miss a visit to Leonardo Da Vinci’s Masterpiece: The Last Supper. A real must-do in Milan!

1 hour
€85 per person

Ascend to the terrace of Duomo Cathedral for a breathtaking panoramic experience and explore the interior of the cathedral with a local guide.

1,5 hours
€69 per person

Discover Milan on a guided tour that includes entrance to the breathtaking Duomo Cathedral.

4 hours
€89 per person

Discover Milan on a guided tour through the city’s bustling streets with an expert local guide.

2 hours
€39 per person

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