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Beyond the sugary City of Love


A picturesque gem which inspired Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage. Verona is located in the north-east of Italy, between Venice and Milan.
Surrounded by hilly wine regions, mountains and very close to Lake Garda, it’s a perfect destination for foodies and wine lovers. Amarone (Valpolicella), Soave and Custoza wine regions can be reached very easily from the city.
Most travelers head to world-class Verona landmarks to tick them off their bucket list, and so everyone should do in first-place: the Roman Arena and Juliet’s Balcony are just unmissable.
After that, your local tour guide will lead you beyond the sugary story of the city of love, taking you from hidden spots to hip modern culturally-vibrant areas.

Choose among 10 experiences for you

Relax in the countryside and discover the best Amarone wine during a Wine Tasting paired with local products.

4 hours
€115 per person

Experience to make your own Italian gelato from scratch.

2 hours
€65 per person

Explore Verona from a new point of view by e-bike and enjoy a traditional Veronese Aperitif.

3 hours
€69 per person

Experience an hands-on Cooking class in Verona to discover the local recipes.

3,5 hours
€95 per person

Stroll in the old town of Verona to dive into a culinary journey through Verona’s food and wine traditions to taste the local food delicacies.

3,5 hours
€89 per person

Leave the city and get a wine e-Bike tour through the countryside of Verona.

4 hours
€95 per person

The Montresor winery, very close to the city of Verona, welcomes you to discover the flavors and the traditions of the Amarone wine making process.

1,5 hours
€30 per person

Enjoy an unforgettable full-day tour through the Valpolicella valleys and hills.

7 hours
€640 per person

Reach and enjoy the fascinating hamlet of Soave on a comfortable air-conditioned van with a local expert guide.

7 hours
€670 per person

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