The City where Past and Present meet


A city of fascinating contrasts, Turin, the chief town of Piedmont will welcome you with a refined and elegant atmosphere without turning down its great contemporary buzz. They say Turin has two souls: its legacy of the Royal Savoy family on one side and the cosmopolitan, young, cool style on the other. It’s a multi-faceted city, a crossroads of royal influences and working-class traditions, living in a perfect balance.
Discover its Art Nouveau and baroque architecture, stroll along its tree-lined boulevards, learn about Italy’s most iconic car, the Fiat, and taste the finest chocolate at a historical coffee house. Journey into the past and present of this laid-back city.

Choose among 11 experiences for you

Take a walk of the old town with a local guide.

2 hours
€39 per person

Take a dip into the ancient Egypt with this guided visit.

2 hours
€45 per person

Learn secrets of the Italian Royal family with a local guide.

1,5 hours
€45 per person

Visit the best of these incredible places in just a few hours.

4 hours
€86 per person

Discover the best of Turin with a local guide.

7,5 hours
€125 per person

Enjoy a guided e-bike tour with a local expert to discover the best of Turin in just 3 hours.

3 hours
€39 per person

Discover some local products of Turin on this 3-hour food tour!

3 hours
From €87 per person

Leave Turin behind for one day: during this experience you’ll taste exquisite wines and genuine traditional food in the Langhe region.

7 hours
From €265 per person

Jump on the train to reach the Langhe territory! Taste the excellent wine from this region and meet the local winemakers.

9 hours
From €255 per person

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