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Art & Culture

Art & Culture

Best Tours for History Buffs and Quest for Knowledge

From bustling cosmopolitan cities to silent countryside villages – explore Northern Italy centuries-old heritage with a local guide. Stroll with few people and without hurry through the maze of alleys and feel the sense of history.  Make yourself at home in the heart of Italy historical and cultural hamlets!

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Don’t miss a visit to Leonardo Da Vinci’s Masterpiece: The Last Supper. A real must-do in Milan!

1 hour
€75 per person

Explore the stunning beauty od Duomo Cathedral on a guided tour with a local guide.

1,5 hours
€59 per person

Discover Milan on a guided tour that includes entrance to the breathtaking Duomo Cathedral.

4 hours
€89 per person

Discover Milan on a guided tour through the city’s bustling streets with an expert local guide.

2 hours
€39 per person

Admire iconic Italian works of art and the Codex Atlanticus by Leonardo during a guided tour

1,5 hours
€115 per person

Just 3 hours to discover Milan riding an eBike with a local guide.

3,5 hours
€45 per person

Take a dip into the ancient Egypt with this guided visit.

2 hours
€49 per person

Learn secrets of the Italian Royal family with a local guide.

1,5 hours
€49 per person

Discover the best of Turin with a local guide.

7,5 hours
€125 per person

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With inspiring experiences comes great responsibility. Make travel a force for good: when you set out for your journey with us, you choose to create a positive impact on local communities, environment and people.

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