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The Best Events in Verona

You are coming to Italy for the first time, on holiday, and you are looking for the best cities to visit. Or maybe you already have been to Italy,  in the main big places and you are looking for something more authentic, more local.

We have the right answer for you: Verona. And why, you say? Well, it is in the perfect position of Nothern Italy: close to big and important cities like Venice, Milan, close to the biggest Lake in Italy, Lake Garda. From here, it is also really easy to arrive to the Dolomites, amazing and breathtaking mountains.

If you choose to come to Verona on holiday, you can also find yourself in the city during one of its many events that take place during the year. Here you can find some of them and when they take place.

Valpolicella Buskers (street art) – It celebrates local street music, theatre and art, offering a wide range of craft beers and local wines, in combination with the typical food from Valpolicella. The setting is very intimate, with stages between the houses of the village (borgo). It usually take place in spring, in Valpolicella area, famous for its wine production (you may have heard of Amarone wine).

I suoni delle Dolomiti (Music) – This is a concert of classical music on the top of the Mountain, that you can listen to, sometimes after a walk with the artist. Dolomites offer very natural stages in open hillside with mountain slopes on the background. You can come to see this concert usually in the summertime.

Tocatì festival (street games) – It takes place in the squares and the lanes of the city centre. This is an International Festival of Street Games. These activities are the oldest and most traditional ones, and they are played in the street with wooden pieces or signs on the ground.  The game involves social interaction and gives strength and cohesion to a community. It take place at the end of summer and it is really something special!

Festa di Soave – This event takes place in May, in the little and beautiful village of Soave, famous for its Medieval appearence. While assisting to the Medieval shows or the Market of Crafts you can also taste the typical local white wine Soave in combination with special local dishes made by local Chefs. This is one of the most commercialised wines in the world; it has a soft and dry taste with a little bit of bitter and intense flavour.

Opera Festival – You probably already know about this one! It is the most important Festival in Verona and lots of people every year come to the city to see one or more performances. This Festival lasts all summer, from June to September. Almost every evening there is an Opera in the ancient Arena di Verona. The premiere is sold out only days after the tickets are available! But it lasts 3 months, so there is usually a seat for everyone who is interested!

–  Shakesperean Theatre – Another important Festival that you can find here during the summer is the Shakesperean one that takes place in the Roman Theatre, another amazing ancient monument of Verona. Every year, you can choose among a lot of different performances from Shakes

  • teatro Shakespeare
  • Christams run
  • Verona marathon
  • Hostaria in centro

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1 October 2020