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Ways is a close-knit group, a team of professional guides who live their territory with passion and enthusiasm. Discovering northern Italy with us means living authentic and exciting experiences, not as a simple spectator, but as an active protagonist.



Hi, I am founder and Ceo of the company. I am proud to lead such a special team of professionals. I was born and raised in Verona, my city, but I love Lake Garda even more, where I try to escape whenever I have free time. I love to travel and discover new places and cultures, my next trip on the list is Indonesia. I have been practicing judo for over 30 years, and I sail for regattas, but also for holidays and navigation in the Mediterranean sea.


I am Andrea, the co-founder of the company together with Matteo, with whom we have been friends since we were young. I was born and raised in Verona. I love to travel and explore the world in adventure, now I often do it with my family in a van. I am passionate about sports, in addition to training constantly on a bicycle, I have done many Triathlons which have also made me love running and swimming. Now I mostly practice trail running when I can carve out my free time from work.


I flew for the first time when I was 3, since then I have never stopped traveling in the 5 continents with the desire to enrich my cultural background, just what I want for our international guests


I’m Daniela and I’m a proud member of the Ways family since I arrived as intern after my degree in Tourism and Languages. I live in Verona but I was born in a very small village in the countryside where you can only see rice fields, chickens and cows. Tired of trying to speak with my chickens in the yard, I decided to move to the city to discover new things and meet new people:) Between Verona and I was love at first sight because here I can feel like myself and I can find all the things I love: wine and sport. I’m a hiking lover and I usually train by the mountains between Verona and the Lake Garda... and after a long walk, there’s nothing better than a glass of Valpolicella wine! What’s next? Of course a hiking in the amazing Italian Dolomites!


Hi, my name is Ilaria. I'm from Genova but I've been living in Venice for six years, where I studied foreign languages and literatures. Since I was a teenager I've travelled all around Europe, discovering new cultures and lifestyles. From Venice I usually fly to Greece, where I lived for a period and where all my passions are mixed together, sea life, boat trips, history and good food.



Hi, I am Isabella and I live in Verona, but I lived in many Italian cities. My mum is from Venice and my dad from Verona, so I feel 100% Venetian. I studied to be a teacher and a journalist, but then my passion for travel has prevailed. I love travelling and I have always traveled a lot, near or far. I love seeing places, meeting people, trying new experiences. Japan thrilled me, I would like to go to Kamchatka. Here I specialized becoming a tour leader and a tour guide to tell people about the beauty of my homeland. To this I combine my other two passions: food and wine. What to say? Italian DOC!


I’m a “very veronese” girl, born and raised in the old town of Verona. After studying foreign languages at the University of Bologna, I spent years living abroad, mostly in Spain and in Hong Kong, but I finally decided to be back home and started falling in love with the history of the city and getting surprised by its beauty. That’s why I became a tour leader and a tour guide: I love showing Verona and discovering it every day through my guests’ eyes. So, join me for a walk or a ride around my beautiful town!


Ciao, my name is Cristina. I live and work in Verona, my hometown. I’m a chef, a sommelier and a cookbook author. For many years I used to work in a commercial company, but I decided to change completely my life to follow my passion for cooking. I started my new career, after graduating at Ipsoa Cookery School in Verona. I love traveling and music, particularly jazz which I play with my saxophone, as an amateur.


Ciao! I am Serena, a wine guide but, first of all, a wine lover. Born and raised in Verona, the city I love, I am also a WSET certified sommelier. I'm looking forward to sharing with you my passion for local wines and good food!


Born in Milan but always on the move! I made several experiences in Rome, Milan, Bologna and Spain as a student, theatre actor, radio host and TV director, but now I’m back to what I like the most: traveling and telling about my travels with words and images. If you want to listen to some interesting stories you can find me in Verona, with this great team, to show you this beautiful area!


Vicentina since birth but Sicilian blood. After graduating in Economics of Tourism, I lived in England and Australia. I fulfilled my great dream to do solo trip by exploring Thailand and Indonesia. Thanks to the passion of rock climbing, I admired the ocean from a different perspective. Always in love with Italy, I explore places with my customers every day. What is travel for me? it is growth, connection and freedom.


I was born in Veneto but I lived out of this region for several years, doing different jobs, until I identified my real inclination and passion: leading people through one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Venice... So I started studying in order to become first a tour leader and then a tour guide and to provide travelers with light and fun but educational tours! I love seeing a twinkle in the eyes of people who visit and enjoy this city... the greatest satisfaction for me is being told that they had the feeling they were taking a walk with a friend...!


Hello! My name is Camilla and I am one of the fewest Venetians that were born and raised (and still live) in this amazing city. I have always had a big passion for art and history in which I graduated at Cà Foscari University of Venice. After some years travelling and studying abroad I decided to come back to Venice to share the love I have for my city with the visitors! Plus: I'm a foodie expert in town and I can give you many suggestions!


I was born in Sicily, but I’ve decided to move to Milan because I believe it is the most European city in Italy: full of motivation and innovation. It is a city that never stops and it is always in development. I’ve studied Literature and I’ve always been very interested in the historical and artistic field. What better way of knowing new things than travelling? At first, I’ve decided to learn about the Italian end European heritage and now I am focusing on the natural findings overseas. My dream destination: Latin America. I am a very curious person and thanks to this characteristic I can be easily passionate about a lot of different things. Among them, there is the interest for the wine-making field. That is why I will be happy to lead you to the discovery of the beautiful Milan and I guarantee that you can taste a glass of North-Italy wine.


Hi, all! My name is Sofia and I am a licensed Tour-guide. Turin is the city where I work and live, but to be fair I wasn’t born here: love brought me in this beautiful city years ago. And with the exact same love, I will let you discover its great beauty. I am always thrilled when the chance to learn new things and visit new places comes up. My wandering spirit made me call home many different countries: I lived in Wales, Spain and in so many Italian cities you cannot count on your fingers. I constantly look forward to new travel destinations; next on bucket list: Abruzzo!

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