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Sirmione and the South of Lake Garda

If you are booking a holiday in the area around Verona, you also probably want to see Lake Garda, the biggest of Italy. It is really close to the city and it is quite a beauty!

The South part of the Lake is the easier to go from Verona. And here, the must see is for sure the town of Sirmione: this beautiful gem of Northern Italy is not only popular for water sports, camping or beautiful beaches, but it is also known for its Roman archelogical site and the medieval Castle. It rises on a particular peninsula which makes the little village completely sourranded by water. After crossing the bridge, you can explore the pedestrians streets inside the village, maybe stopping for some local ice-cream or a nice coffee, or getting into a tiny shop bottega for some typical souvenirs.

If you want to make sure to enoy the visit in Sirmione, you can join our half-day Tour. You will also have a bout Tour, to admire the villas from the lake and to see a part of Catullo’s Caves. You will have time to walk around the little village, by yourself or with our guide, before heading back to Verona.

Perhaps, Sirmione is not enough for you. Maybe you wish to stay in Venice and come and visit Sirmione and Verona at the same time. With us, you have the chance to do that too!

You can join our small group full-day Tour from Venice to the area surrounding Verona and the South part of the Lake. You will arrive in Sirmione first, where you will have of course the boat Tour and time to visit the village. Then you will go to have lunch in the countryside, in a village colled Borghetto sul Mincio. You can taste some typical dishes and enjoy the company of our local guide.After lunch, you will visit Verona city centre with an expert guide. After some free time, you will get back to Venice. This Tour allows you to relax and enjoy the day, see some beautiful things and not worry about the organization process.

One way or the other, we suggest you to go to Sirmione, because it is really a little treasure and you will not regret it!

by admin

15 September 2020