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The Best Moment to visit Dolomites

If you are making plans for your next holiday and you are thinking to come to Italy, one of the best places to visit is for sure the mountain range of the Dolomites, in the north of the country.

In this area you can find some of the most beautiful panoramic views of the world and amazing valleys.

You do not have to organize an entire week in the mountains, if you wish to also visit some other places. You can book a place in a city such us Verona or Venice, so you can also enjoy other activities and visit other unique sites.

How can you do it, you ask? How can you be in the middle of the mountains and in one busy city during the same holiday? With us, you can!

You can join one of our small group Tours (max 8 persons). You will leave early in the morning, you will arrive to the Dolomites and have lunch and then, evening time, you will be back! 10 hours to see it all.

Now you are hooked, you are really interested in this option, but.. is it the right period to go to the Dolomites? Is it better in a different season than the one you chose for your next vacation?

This is the best part: no matter when you are coming, it is always worth it to see the Dolomites.

During winter time, everything is covered in snow, it is cold (so wear something worm) but breathtaking. You can take pictures of the mountain peaks and the iced rivers.

In the summer, you can leave the hot days of the plains and nejoy the refreshing breeze. Usually in this time of the year there is no snow (but on the Dolomites you never know!), but there are colorful valleys and trees.

In autumn and spring in can also be beautiful to go up to these mountains. You never know what to expect, but this is also part of the experience. It could be cold and snowy, or worm and nice. The surprise aspect of it could be a reason more to decide to come and join one of our activities!

With our experience, leaving from Venice or from Verona, you do not have to be an athlete or an adventure-lover. This activity is for all the family and we think about everything: transport, lunch, guide (who speaks English, of course!).

And even if you really want to visit some place that is not included in our shared tour, it is no problem at all! We can organize a customized experience and make it as you want it!

So stop thinking about it and just do it!


by Matteo Pasqualotto

1 October 2020